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WorldNewsWire.info is your comprehensive resource for the latest current U.S. and world news and information. We cover the latest developments in finance, business, sports and recreation, medical and health, entertainment, travel, technology and shopping.

WorldNewsWire.info is striving to be among the world’s leaders in online news and information. Our headquarters is in Scottsdale, Arizona with writers across the country and world. We strive to provide our readers with the latest online multimedia technologies, from live streaming video, to searchable archives of past major news events. WorldNewsWire.com is updated daily.

Writers Needed!

We have our own in house and remote team of writers, but we are always looking for great writers to provide our readers quality content. Do you have what it takes to write for WorldNewsWire.info? Do you have that ‘think outside the box’ writing skill? Are you a genre or industry specific expert? If you have passion for writing, we want to hear from you, and help you showcase your talent.

If you want to be a WorldNewsWire.info regular writer, please contact us with your credentials and some samples of your published work. news@worldnewswire.info

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