Apple Genius Steve Jobs Dies At 56

Steve Jobs, who was the co-founder and visionary of Apple for many years, has died at the age of 56. He has battled health problems for a long time even though his work and innovation continued to carry one of the most successful companies in history.

Jobs started the company back in 1976 along with his friend and computer genius Steve Wozniak. They began working on and building computers in one of their parent’s garage. Jobs sold his Volkswagen to fund the venture that produced the Apple 1, which didn’t have displays or a keyboard and had to be installed yourself.

In 1984, Apple’s Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s latest and greatest invention, the Macintosh computer. It sold very well and the co-founder was on top of the world, but it did not last long. He lost a power struggle within the company and was forced out in 1986. Jobs would later say that it was the best thing that could of happened to him.

After buying Pixar from George Lucas he did very well with animated movies including Toy Story. In 1996 Apple was struggling and wanted Jobs to return as the leader. In one of the greatest comebacks in the history of business, Apple produced hit after hit with Steve at the helm.

Steve Jobs will be remembers as one of the great innovators and businessmen of our time. His incredible accomplishments include the iPod, iPhone, the APP Store, iTunes and the iPad. He will be remembered as an icon and one of the visionaries of the future.

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