Battleground Ohio: The Path To The Presidency

After all the campaigning, the speeches and the debates, once again it will all come down to who wins Ohio. Just like in 2004, when President Bush hung onto Ohio by the slimmest margin and retained the White House. Even 2000 it was very important to win the Buckeye state, even though everyone waited on Florida that election. The polls are very close and President Obama seems to be holding onto a slight edge.

Republicans and Democrats are arguing right now on all the Sunday talk shows about who is ahead in Ohio. Right now a lot of the major polls have the President hanging onto a slight lead, but several other polls figure the contest as a dead heat. There are 8 battleground states that still have a say about this election, but both candidates and their constituents continue to concentrate on Ohio.

It is now a near consensus, Mitt Romney cannot win the White House if he doesn’t carry the Buckeye state. It is that simple, all other discussions are just talking points. Gov. Romney still can’t get over the hump and make people get over his famous statement “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”

The famous op-ed he wrote when the President was figuring a way to help save the struggling car industry. President Obama gets all the credit for saving American made cars, which included over 1 million jobs associated with the industry, many of which are in Ohio. Blue collar workers in the “Rust Belt” of America will not let Mitt Romney get away with turning his back on the auto industry.

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