Biden Calls Out Paul Ryan At Ohio Rally

Vice-President Joe Biden is jumping all over Paul Ryan for his lying about the closing of a GM plant in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. It was a plant closing that Paul Ryan blamed on President Obama, even though it was proven to have closed under George Bush’s administration.

The GM plant was only one of the lies that vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan told about the President during his convention speech on Wednesday night. He also lied about the stimulus, Medicare, TARP, welfare and the downgrade placed on the U.S. because of the GOP members in the House.

Paul Ryan will meet up with Joe Biden for their only debate in Danville, Kentucky on October 11 of this year and the entire GOP has claimed that Paul Ryan will wipe the floor with the current vice-president. The only problem with that theory is that Joe Biden is a bulldog in debates and has been around forever. He can’t wait for the chance to call Ryan out for his hypocrisy and tall tales.

Joe Biden went on to remind people in Ohio where they would be if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had their way. Mr. Romney’s quote of “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” doesn’t sit well with people in Michigan or Ohio. He reminded auto workers about the millions of jobs that would have been lost under a Romney administration. He also stated how out of touch Mitt Romney is with blue collar workers and their families.

Because of President Obama’s commitment to the auto industry and blue collar families in general, the unemployment rate in Ohio is 7.2%, which is well under the national average. Joe Biden wants voters in Ohio to remember that when they go to the voting booth.

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