Bill O’Reilly Wants Return Of ‘Traditional America’

Fox News has produced many popular and controversial shows over the years, but none that rival “The O’Reilly Factor.” For over a decade Bill O’Reilly has dominated the 8pm time slot on the cable news giant, but these days he is disappointed with his Republican Party and is once again laying the blame on the Democrats. Bill O’Reilly claims that President Obama’s reelection is going to destroy “traditional America.”

Now O’Reilly rants about liberals on a regular basis during his nightly show. If something is wrong in the world, he will blame Democrats for the disruption of natural occurrences. It’s his job and he does it very well as a spokesman for the GOP. Lately however, he has crossed into a racist tone of entitlement and what his vision is of “traditional America.”

When Bill O’Reilly screams that “the far left is a dangerous outfit, bent on destroying traditional America,” what exactly does he mean? He must be talking about white America, a place that has shaped and defined his vision over the years. He does not feel comfortable with the idea that white America is shrinking and that “the white establishment is the minority.” He claims that “America is becoming an entitlement society.”

The more diverse America becomes, the stronger it will be. Don’t tell that to Bill O’Reilly, he wants to keep it mostly white and mostly male. He loves to blow dog whistles every night by saying that people want “free stuff.” He should look at the disastrous Republican policies that put more people on food stamps than at any other time. The “Great Recession” and the financial collapse at the end of the George Bush regime will not be discussed on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

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