Boehner In A No-Win Situation

John Boehner now finds himself boxed in from all directions on the debt debate. His CBO score was very poor when they found out that his proposed legislation did not cut nearly enough spending as he had claimed. He now heads back to the drawing board after the vote was postponed.

This gives the Democrats and Harry Reid’s plan the edge in negotiations. They will try to pass their plan in the Senate as soon as possible. Both plans will have a tough time getting through both houses of Congress.

John Boehner has left the negotiating table twice when he and President Obama has basically agreed on a deal, but he has a hard time selling anything to his republican caucus, especially the many new freshman members that will not agree to anything. They apparently were sent to Congress to not compromise on a single idea with the Democrats.

Boehner blasted President Obama last year saying that his policies created business uncertainty. Boehner is responsible for the huge uncertainty going on now because the Republicans have tied raising the debt ceiling to the reduction of the deficit. They are two separate issues.

President Obama can use the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and raise the debt ceiling on his own. This would be a last resort that the President does not want to do. He also might have to accept a temporary solution, which he also does not want to accept. The President must use his powers to protect the United States economy.

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