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Cash-only Physicians say “No” to Insurance Companies


Doctors are fed up with the insurance system that is continually declining payments and adding more red tape to the treatment of their patients. So in turn they are abandoning the insurance companies altogether and moving towards a cash-only type of practice. Dr. Doug Nunamaker of Wichita, Kansas is providing that cash-only premium care after [...]

Obamacare Subsidies Will Help Millions Get Affordable Health Care


On January 1st of next year, people are expected to have health insurance or pay the fines instead. What most people don’t know is that the Affordable Care Act will help provide low and middle income earners with tax credits that will help lower the cost of purchasing health coverage through insurance exchanges, which are [...]

The ‘Buffet Rule’ Would End Tax Dodging For The “Fat Cats”


President Obama has long been in favor of the “Buffet Rule” which would end favoritism and some loopholes for the richest people in America. They wouldn’t be able to sidestep paying their fair share through “Capital Gains” and “dividends”. After 1 million dollars, all income would be treated equally no matter where it came from. [...]

Retailers Share Databases To Stop Employee Thefts


Local and national retailers have always faced the serious problem of employee thefts. While outside thefts still remain a problem, stores are more worried about the inside jobs that are executed by their own employees. They are relying on huge databases that store information about employee thefts and share it with other retailers. Now they [...]

Increased U.S. Oil Production Doesn’t Bring Lower Prices


Although the U.S. is producing more oil than ever and Americans are using far less gas, it has not stopped rising prices at the pump. This debunks all theories about the oil industry and who should produce it. U.S. demand for foreign oil continues to diminish and China has taken over the title of world’s [...]

MSNBC Replaces Middle-Class Champion Ed Schultz


Nobody over the last few years has fought for workers’ rights like MSNBC host Ed Schultz. He has been in heat of the battle fighting alongside blue collar workers all over the country. Whether it was supporting our teachers in Virginia or personally taking on Scott Walker and his union busting friends in Wisconsin. He [...]

Economy Picking Up Steam With Fall In Jobless Claims


The U.S. economy is starting to surge again with positive information is coming from many sources, including the drop in the four-week average jobless claims to a five year low of 348,750. Not only are claims down but the stock market continues to rise and hiring is starting to pick up. So far companies have [...]

Massive Sequester Cuts Would Decimate Recovery


You have heard the warnings a hundred times now from President Obama, Democrats in Congress and from numerous Republican Governors, who are begging their fellow GOP members in Congress to stop this unnecessary Sequestration. These cuts will destroy the economic recovery that is already on thin ice, thanks to obstruction in the House of Representatives [...]

Microsoft Helps NYPD Fight Crime of 21st Century


The NYPD and Microsoft have partnered up to bring real-time solutions to crime prevention and providing instant counterterrorism technology results to law enforcement agencies all over the globe. (DAS), or the Domain Awareness System, is a new High-Tech system that analyzes public safety information immediately and passes it on in real time. This latest crime [...]

No More Postal Service On Saturdays


The U.S. Postal Service has announced its plans to end delivery mail on Saturday’s beginning on August 1. The move has been expected for some time for the mail carrier as they have lost billions of dollars recently due to the internet and e-commerce. These cutbacks will save the Postal Service over $2 billion annually. [...]

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