Chief Justice Roberts Getting Abused By GOP

John Roberts, who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was the deciding vote that helped pass the Affordable Care Act on Thursday. Justice Roberts is known for his conservative views and rulings being appointed to the court by George W. Bush, but that did not stop him from agreeing with the President that the individual mandate part of the ACA bill was constitutional.

Conservatives everywhere are blasting the Chief Justice for his ruling. Notoriously biased Fox news has been pummeling the judge all day long, saying that his ruling was just plain wrong and that the bill is unconstitutional. GOP pundits are calling it an overreach into individual freedom and supports big Government, even though the GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, was the first to implement this idea.


The individual mandate was put into place in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor and has been very effective. Over 98% of people in the state now have insurance and the rates have gone down. The citizens like the health care law at a rate of 3 to 1. It is the model for Obama Care, which Mitt Romney has recommended for the nation several times.


The Affordable Care Act will help insure an additional 45 million people and is going to bring health care costs down like it did in Massachusetts. It has been very effective and very popular. Mitt Romney deserves a lot of credit for Obama Care, which was his idea. This is the first step in trying to provide health care for every citizen.

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