Chuck Schumer Blasts Boehner For Failed Leadership

On Wednesday, Speaker Boehner showed his frustration by ordering his GOP colleagues to get the asses in line and apparently they were not listening. He once again failed to get enough votes from his caucus to bring his bill to the House floor.

Chuck Schumer, who is a Democratic Senator from New York, criticized Boehner for always trying to please his far right Republicans. He referred to them as a beast that cannot be tamed. Schumer said he can throw all the red meat he can find at the lion but he still fails to tame the beast.

Sen. Schumer knows that even if Boehner does finally get enough votes, there is no way that the bill will pass in the Senate. He also stated that Sen. Harry Reid has a lot better plan that is fair to everyone and compromises with Republicans in most of the things they wanted.

He has continued to praise Democrats with all of their compromising and scolded the Republicans for not budging and inch and trying to take the country into default.

Schumer added that a temporary plan will be disastrous for the country and would just kick the problem down the road for another fight, bringing the two parties back to the negotiating table in another 6 months.

The Senator also added that the Bush tax break continue to hurt the country on the revenue side. He will continue to fight for shared sacrifice along with the President.

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