Clint Eastwood and Invisible Obama Steal The Show At GOP Convention

The great Clint Eastwood disgraced one of the biggest nights for the Republican Party. His pathetic and sad performance was not even a hint of what used to be for one of the most famous actors and directors in the history of Hollywood. His incoherent rambling brought down an evening that could have been a game-changer for the GOP. He stood on stage and argued with an empty chair he called Mr. Obama.

It was almost a perfect night for the Republican National Convention. Every speech was meticulous and written beautifully. Everything was scripted to perfection and then they let 82-year old Clint Eastwood come to the stage and ruin it all. The RNC let him wing-it and make a fool out of himself and the proceedings. His performance left people scratching their heads and wondering what just happened here tonight.

Clint Eastwood is one of the most well-known conservatives, even though he is very liberal on social issues. He supports gay marriage, he supports pro-choice, and did a great T.V. add supporting the auto bailout during the halftime of the Super Bowl. He is definitely pro American when it comes to workers and their products.

Dirty Harry made an appearance at the end to tell everyone to “make my day”, but by that time, he had ruined the GOP’s evening. During Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech, his campaign was trying to spin the whole Eastwood debacle.

It could have been a stunning night for the GOP, but turned sharply into an embarrassment for all Republicans to witness. Everyone this morning is talking about Clint Eastwood and one of the weirdest moments in convention history. Dirty Harry performs a lot better on screen than he does on stage.

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