Coal Miners Forced To Support Mitt Romney

A group of coal miners at Murray Energy, in Ohio, were told by Mitt Romney that “you’ve got a great boss, he runs a great operation here”. Unfortunately for the coal miners, they were forced to attend the function without pay or suffer the consequences.


Bob Murray, who is the CEO of Murray Energy, told workers that the event was mandatory. Mr. Murray has shown blatant contempt for his employees in the past. He lied about his company’s actions just prior to a fatal mining accident and has lobbied vigorously against any new safety regulations. Another typical owner, who supports Mitt Romney, and defies decency for his own employees.


Mitt Romney pranced in front of this group of coal miners who were forced to be their without pay, while hammering President Obama for being out of touch with workers. This is another case of intimidation by people in power. Treating workers this way is not new to Mitt Romney. The GOP Presidential nominee has been criticized for his lack of caring in taking over company’s and making millions of dollars off of blue collar workers and their pensions that were destroyed.


Rob Moore, who is the Chief Financial Officer, said the workers were not forced to attend. He said our managers told the miners that the Romney event was mandatory, but they didn’t force anyone to attend.  When questioned why the workers were not paid for the day, he said “as a private employer, it was our decision and we made the decision not to pay the people”.


Mitt Romney continues his exploitation of workers in order to win an election. This idea that the wealthiest 2% in our society can treat every day blue collar workers like trash has got to stop. This is another example of Mitt Romney’s “class warfare”.

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