Conservative Media Outlets Destroying The GOP

The Republican brand has been rejected by the electorate in huge numbers, especially with minorities, women and younger voters. Their message has become very old, very tired and their party remains very white. They must do a better job of reaching out to all segments of the population or their numbers will continue to dwindling every year. They have to turn off the conservative media bubble that is corrupting the Republican brand or they will face destruction.

Let’s start with the leader of the Republican Party. No it’s not Mitt Romney, it is Rush Limbaugh. He has been the conservative voice on the right for the last 25 years. He talks to around 15 million listeners daily and continually spews his racist agenda, especially towards President Obama. He disrespects everyone in his path, such as women, minorities and poor people. His race-baiting antics have set the GOP back to the stone-age. Republicans must stand up and turn off the hate rhetoric.

The other reliable sources of information for conservatives come from the Fox News bubble. It’s a channel that has picked their own set of facts for many years. It’s more of a conservative think tank, while serving the masses with one big Republican message day after day. Their credibility has disintegrated with show after show attacking Democrats with no counter balance. The worst offender is Sean Hannity. Only on Fox News could you get a host that’s sole purpose is to unfairly attack and destroy President Obama, especially by calling him a terrorist on every show.

The Republican message has been alienating most Americans for many years now and the people are fighting back. They are tired of the race-baiting and fear tactics that has carried Fox News for many years. When you cry wolf everyday people stop listening.

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