DNC Speakers Help President Obama Get Major Boost

Gallup measured a 3 point jump for President Obama as he now leads Mitt Romney 48% to 45% and his approval rating rockets up to 52%, from a huge night for the DNC. Cheering Democrats packed the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina and were not disappointed with the fiery speakers who took the stage in support of President Obama. Thursday night was the end of an awesome convention for Democrats as they make their case to the American people.

Jennifer Granholm whipped the crowd into a raucous frenzy when describing how President Obama saved the auto industry and Mitt Romney said “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”. Her best line insulted Mitt Romney and his car elevators by saying, “In Romney’s world, the cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft”. The chant of USA, USA, USA, tore the roof off the arena.

Next it was John Kerry’s turn who blasted Mitt Romney for not mentioning America’s men and women in uniform one time during his party’s acceptance speech. He also heavily criticized Mr. Romney for insulting Russia and his claims that they were our number one enemy, even over Al-Qaida. He railed over Romney’s only knowledge about Russia coming from watching Rocky IV.

Joe Biden then gave one of the best speeches he has ever delivered. He showed great passion and empathy for the many millions of Americans that are still struggling due to the financial collapse that continues to surface.

Then the stage was ready for the President to deliver a heart-felt and truthful talk to the American people. He did so while admitting mistakes and providing a vision to finally get the U.S. out of the hangover from the collapse at the end of the Bush administration. He made this election a clear choice between the two parties, one that goes forward, and one that takes everyone back to the policies that caused the 2nd Great Depression. The voters will now choose.

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