Donald Trump: The GOP’s Disgraced Carnival Barker

The GOP sideshow continues with billionaire laughing stock Donald Trump and his crack pot staff of investigators who rival the accomplishments of police squad in “The Naked Gun.” These guys can’t even find where Donald Trump’s hair starts and stops. If you combined them with Joe Arpaio’s “Hole in the Wall Gang” of misfits, they would eventually conclude that the Grand Canyon is a giant hole in the ground and that it is not man-made.

Republicans must be proud of their representatives for wasting so much tax payer money on every conspiracy theory they can think of. Donald Trump, self-proclaimed “King of the Birthers”, has been trying to prove that President Obama was not born in the U.S. for over a year now. He sent his best private investigators down to Hawaii and claimed “they can’t believe what they are finding.” We are still waiting to hear what they found. Last we heard, they were hanging out on the beach with Magnum P.I. sipping Pina colada’s and chasing grass skirts.

Ever since Donald Trump left the Democratic Party and went over to the dark side, he has lost all credibility now and is seen only as a sideshow carnival barker. He is the number one hit man for the GOP. Whenever Fox News decides that President Obama needs to be attacked, they trot out the blow hard with the bad hairdo. The only thing that is missing now is his permanent spot on Fox. He could join Sean Hannity in a new show called “Beavis and Gluehead.”

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