Election Day In America: The Voters Decide

You have heard the case for both candidates now for a long time, the final decision is here. Who will it be Obama of Romney? We’ve been through the debates, seen all the political ads and both campaigns have spent around 1 billion dollars to make their point. The battleground states will decide the next President of the United States.

It all comes down to about 8 to 10 states that have pummeled by ads and visited by both candidates numerous times over the last 8 months. It’s been a hard fought campaign. It hasn’t always been a clean fight or even an honest one, with a lot deceptive ads that hit below the belt as usual.

Hopefully the end of the election will help deter some of the polarization of the country, as it has never been so evenly divided. The partisanship must end if the U.S. will begin to have healthy respect between the two parties. Cooperation seems to be a thing of the past between Democrats and Republicans. There will be a big turnover in Congress which had an approval rating of about 10 percent.

After the people have spoken, it will be time for everyone to practice the dirtiest word in politics, “compromise.” It sounds like a crazy concept but it must happen very quickly after the election to avoid the fiscal cliff that is approaching very rapidly.

The choice is a simple one between two very different beliefs. Gov. Romney believes in individualism and has a strong distaste for government. He wants low taxes and very little regulation. President Obama believes in government helping people, sort of everyone is in this together approach. He wants to tax the wealthy while investing in education and infrastructure. Now it’s up to the voters. The strongest voice is when the people decide.

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