Fox News Bubble Destroying The GOP

What is it like to live in your own alternate universe? I guess it’s a different world when you’re working with people every day who believe the same things that you believe in. You never have any disagreements and you never see any dissension. You will take the road more traveled and get stuck in the ruts. The problem is you are usually wrong, just like every election prediction from inside the Fox News Bubble.

Fox News has been giving bad advice to Republicans for a long time and it has come back to bite them. People used to be scared of the word liberal. Now they are frightened of the word conservative. The Tea Party has helped destroy the word, but the main damage has come from Fox News and their endless supply of biased shows that continue to lose credibility with every comment or view point.

Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, has gone out of his way to promote the most one-sided pro GOP news program in history and has been very successful, but those days are coming to an end. More people are figuring out the method behind the madness. Honest and truthful news stories no longer spew out of the Fox News Bubble. It has become one long Republican add and political talking point. Journalism died at Fox News many years ago and has not shown any signs of rebirth.

Many Republicans are running away from the Fox News Bubble and are starting on the long road to recovery. They are seeing the damage that has been done to conservatism. The Republican Party cannot be seen as a political organization that is for whites only. They must leave the Fox News Bubble and broaden their horizons, while promising never to return.

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