Fox News Shows Remain Unfair and Unbalanced

The Fox News Channel remains the most biased news organization in history. It’s not even a news organization anymore. They have reduced their whole operation to being pimps for the Republican Party. They will never be taken seriously if they continue to slant the news and flat out lie on the facts that should be presented in a fair way.


Now they always claim that there is a difference between their news shows and their opinion shows which are hosted by right wing die-hards. The problem is that most all of their news shows are now too slanted to be considered news. Let’s see which shows pass for news and which shows don’t.


Let’s start early in the morning with Fox and Friends. There is no better way to start off the morning than with this heavily biased show that spends 3 hours ripping and demonizing President Obama, while cheering on his opponent Mitt Romney every chance they get.


Then we get to the so-called news shows hosted by the Fox anchors. Bret Baier does his best not to look biased and does a pretty good job at it. Megyn Kelly, co-host of America Live, has become more discredited with every show she does by agreeing with every GOP point that she is told to back-up. Only Shepard Smith remains a completely legitimate source of real news during the day at Fox.


Even “The Five”, which started out as a great show, has sunk to the lowest of depths in their constant pimping of the GOP. Bob Beckel or Juan Williams is outnumbered 4 to 1 on every show, which is now so biased that it isn’t even worth watching anymore.


The opinion shows are one thing, but when news shows become more and more biased, especially close to an election, Fox News becomes nothing more than one big Republican add. The heads at Fox should be liable for the phrase “Fair and Balanced”.

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