Game On: Speaker Boehner Puts Revenues On The Table

It looks like the President was given a mandate by the people after all, because John Boehner, who is the Speaker of the House, has announced his party’s cooperation in finding new sources of revenues. He claims that closing loopholes is a better way to go than raising tax rates, but he has opened the door to a big compromising deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, like the one he walked away from last year.

Both Democrats and Republicans need each other to make the kind of big deals and big sacrifices that the country has to confront head on, if we are going to fix our debt problem along with continuing to build the economy. Speaker Boehner knows that he has to negotiate in good faith or the House Republicans will face more fire from voters that are fed up with gridlock on Capitol Hill.

Speaker Boehner now has more flexibility and power to make a big deal with Democrats after the Tea Party took a shellacking from voters that are fed up with their extremist views. The Tea Party cost the GOP numerous house seats this year and control of the Senate because of the last two election cycles. The more the Republican Party drifts right, the more power and constituents they lose.

The people have spoken. They are sick and tired of partisan bickering and name calling. They are fed up with Tea Party Extremists that are completely out of the mainstream way of thinking. The GOP is at a crossroads and Speaker Boehner knows it. He will do everything in his power to make sure that House Republicans will play ball this time around. The voters demand it.

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