George W. Bush: The Real “Food Stamp President”

Over the past year, mainly during the GOP debates, Newt Gingrich and others have called President Obama the “Food Stamp President”. It’s a very colorful line, which the former Speaker loves to cross. The truth is that President George W. Bush is responsible for millions more food stamp recipients than President Obama.


In breaking down the numbers, we find that former President Bush added 14.7 million people into food stamps, while President Obama has added 14.2 million and the number continues to decline. The real number of people that have been added to food stamps by President Bush is a lot higher if you look at the facts.


At the end of President Bush’s collapse of the entire financial system, America was losing around 800,000 jobs a month. So when President Obama took over after the disastrous Bush regime, the U.S. lost almost 5 million jobs within 11 months. Before Barack Obama could even get used to his new residence, those 5 million lost jobs were charged to his account, even though they were caused by George W. Bush and his failed Republican policies that almost destroyed the country.


After 29 consecutive months of job growth, President Obama’s policies have created 4.5 million jobs for the private sector. Even with this impressive record, he is still down -500,000 net jobs created because of Bush’s economic Armageddon. So the real number of food stamp recipients added by President Bush is over 19 million.


So to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, get your facts straight before you start blowing the extremists dog whistles that you are famous for. The Small Business Jobs Act that was created in 2010 has created millions of jobs, including 532,000 in manufacturing. Over 1 million jobs were saved because of auto rescue program instituted by the President. We must look at the facts before we call someone the “Food Stamp President”.

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