GOP Blocks The Vote In Florida

Rick Scott, the disgraced Republican governor in Florida, continues to make it tough to vote for minorities in the sunshine state. The theory is that early voting will make it easier for people to vote, but not in Florida. The first sign of voter suppression was Gov. Scott’s idea to cut the days for early voting from 14 down to 8, which makes sense when you don’t want a certain group of people voting, particularly in urban regions. Voter suppression efforts ramp up in Florida.

The voting lines in Florida have been ridiculously long and inconvenient. Dan Smith, who is a political science professor at the Univ. of Florida, said “we’re looking at an election meltdown that is eerily similar to 2000, minus the hanging chads.” Some people waited over 6 hours to vote on Sunday because of polling places being closed due to so many people in line.

Miami-Dade County was the worst. The elections department announced that doors would be open from 1 to 5pm, but so many people showed up that election officials closed the doors for over 2 hours-prompting furious voters to shout “Let Us Vote!” Another disgruntled voter, Myrna Peralta, waited over 2 hours before being turned away saying, “This is America, not a third-world country, they’re not letting people vote.” A lot of people refused to leave and many had their cars towed.

Rod Smith, the chairman of the Florida Democratic Party, claims that Republicans are trying the hardest to take away the right to vote for citizens in the sunshine state. Gov. Scott has shown his un-American views, with severe voter suppression efforts. He continually refuses to expand early voting hours, especially in heavy Democratic areas. Voter suppression is a crime that should be prosecuted severely. The GOP’s mission is to stop as many people from voting as possible.

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