The Republicans in the Senate added to their record number of filibusters yesterday when they would not approve The Disclose Act, which would bring transparency to political donors who contribute $10,000 or more. The vote passed by a vote of 51-44, but needs 60 votes to get by the GOP Filibuster that has been used far more than any other Congress in history.


The only Democrat to vote no on the measure was Harry Reid, who is the Senate Majority Leader. His vote was a procedural move that will allow him to bring it up for another vote, which the Democrats plan to do as early as today. Harry Reid has said that disclosure is the only way to stop a group of “angry old white men” from buying elections. He went on to say that 17 people are influencing the whole democratic process.


Being led by Chuck Schumer, a top Senator from New York, the Democrats pledge to carry this fight to the Senate floor as long as it takes for Congress to institute some transparency in our elections. The same charge that has been levied against the Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, who is refusing to release his tax return information. He charges that the GOP is playing by their own set of rules.


If 17 people can determine the outcome of elections, then the rest of the people will continue to feel helpless while the super-rich make all the rules. Transparency is the only solution for the future of the country. All of the people must have a hand in America’s dream.

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