GOP Upset With Good Economic News

Republicans have been working too hard to trash the economy under President Obama to celebrate some good economic news for a change. Instead they spent all day Friday coming up with every conspiracy theory they can think of, rather than be glad for the country and actually give President Obama some credit for leading Americans out of this disastrous economy caused by Republican policies.

Conspiracy theories are spreading all over the Fox News airwaves. They cannot stand the fact that the unemployment rate is below 8%, so somebody had to cook the books. The first was from General Electric’s former CEO Jack Welch, who said “these Chicago guys will do anything, can’t debate so change numbers.”

Next it was time for lead conspirator Sean Hannity, the king of the right-wing nut jobs. He claims there is no proof that the unemployment rate could drop .3 to 7.8%, even though there were several hundred thousand jobs that had to be annually adjusted. In July and August there were over 65,000 jobs that weren’t counted. This happens every year especially after the summer. All through the day at Fox News, they were trying to spin the good economic news as a disaster.

The entire GOP coordinated at Fox News continues to root against good economic news and will do everything in their power to destroy the President. There had never been such an un-American and un-patriotic group of elected officials who are supposed to represent the people. This is treasonous behavior from the GOP.

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