GOP Voter Fraud Committed By Romney Linked Firm

The GOP has been crying wolf for a couple of years now about rampant voter fraud with Democratic voters. Little did we know that the GOP was performing all the fraud with their rat-tricks as usual, while using a Mitt Romney connected firm to produce fraudulent voter registration forms.

At least 10 counties in Florida have produced voter registration forms that have been identified as suspicious and possibly fraudulent by election officials. These forms were turned in by a firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, hired by The Republican Party of Florida.

The RNC has paid Strategic Allied Consulting over $3 million, through state parties, who urged the hiring in 7 swing states. Virginia, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Nevada have already paid the firm, while Ohio and Wisconsin have not paid yet for the firms “get out the vote” operation.

Not only did this firm work for the National Republican Committee, it was also paid $80,000 by the Romney campaign for the same work. So now you have people working for this firm, who claim to be working for the county to register voters, only they will not register people who plan to vote for President Obama. One such worker in Florida was caught on tape.

This kind of voter fraud by the Romney campaign and the GOP is a disgrace to our democracy. This is the second election that the GOP is trying to steal, going back to 2000, when you had several Democrats not being able to vote. The hypocrisy of the GOP is one of the biggest reasons why people are leaving them in droves.

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