GOP Voter-Fraud Scandal Continues To Grow

The Republicans all across the country are on a mission to do everything they can to stop Democrats from voting. They tried to change the voting laws state by state, but that didn’t work. Next they tried intimidating minorities into not showing up at the polls. Now they are just discarding Democratic registration forms anywhere they can.

Colin Small is a state of Virginia operative for the GOP. He was caught dumping Democratic registration forms into a dumpster and was reportedly fired. It has now come to light that he is also a Grassroots Field Director for the Republican National Committee.

Sean Spicer, the RNC’s Communications Director, has been boasting how his party “took swift and bold action” after they learned of the fraud, while claiming that they have “zero tolerance” for those who do commit it, but this is becoming a reoccurring tragedy to our Democracy.

This story follows the registration fraud that took place in Florida not too long ago. Strategic Allied Consulting is a company owned by disgraced GOP operative Nathan Sproul, who was also paid to be a political consultant by Mitt Romney. Workers on the ground in Florida collected GOP registration forms while throwing away the Democratic forms, while working for the state. Sproul’s company has helped many Republicans during elections, such as Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin.

Until this despicable voter fraud is dealt with in a severe manner, the GOP will continue their “Rat Tricks” started by Karl Rove and other creepy crawly scumbags who try to steal elections. We must stand up to all the dirty money and fraud which has taken over the Republican Party for many years.

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