GOP’s Mitt Romney: All Time Greatest Flip-Flopper

If people are involved in politics long enough, they will change their mind a couple of times or rethink a few issues that come along year after year. When you change your mind and go against what you originally stood for, people will accuse you of flip-flopping on the issue, which is fair. When you change your mind hundreds of times over the years on every possible major issue, people will associate you with GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the greatest flip-flopper of them all.

His first big flip-flop came when he endorsed a woman’s right to choose during his Senate race against the great Ted Kennedy. He now says that abortion should be illegal under any circumstances, especially now that he has become severely conservative.

One of his most famous flip-flops is how he disavowed his very own Healthcare law. He loved it until President Obama copied it for the nation. Now he wants to repeal it, although recently he claimed that he would keep some parts of the bill, such as pre-existing conditions and letting kids stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26. Tomorrow, who knows what part he will support?

His latest flip-flop is FEMA. Not too long ago he promised to get rid this particular agency along with a lot more of them. He claimed that disaster relief was “immoral.” Now that people have praised the agency for their great work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he offers his support to keep FEMA around to help people. If elected, FEMA’s days could be numbered.

Here are a few more examples of the numerous flip-flops of Mitt Romney. They include Vietnam, stem cell research, hunting, minimum wages, tax cuts, privatizing Social Security, Muslims, global warming, gun control, Bin Laden, TARP and the auto bailout. The last one is very disturbing considering the fact that Mitt Romney said “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” He later claimed credit for saving the car industry.

How could someone turn their back and sell-out the Auto Industry, while claiming responsibility for their comeback? The nerve of this empty candidate continues to insult the intelligence of blue collar workers, especially in the Rust Belt. Every single time Mitt Romney flip-flops, the more his character shrinks. Very soon there will be nothing left. What happened to standing up for your beliefs?

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