Gov. Jan Brewer: Disgracing Arizona

Jan Brewer, who is the Governor of Arizona, has done it again. She has defied federal law by constituting her own racist agenda that has people protesting and once again asking for her resignation. She is refusing to let undocumented immigrants, known as “Dreamers”, apply for a two-year work permit and other government identification cards.


This is a program instituted by the President that let’s young immigrants, that were brought to the U.S. by no fault of their own, stay and work or serve in the military. The name of the program is called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. The law is supposed to help more than 80,000 young workers in Arizona contribute to the economy and earn their place in the world.


Governor Brewer issued a new order that denies these young “Dreamers:” of obtaining a driver’s license, which is illegal, and receiving other benefits such as child care and help with schooling. She is defying the Dream Act for merely political reasons that will cause thousands in her state to suffer, just to prove to conservative ideologues that their racist agenda will be upheld.


The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is saddened by the executive order signed by the Governor and called it “bullying defenseless young people”. Democrats are also blasting Gov. Brewer’s move as anti-Obama gasbagging that is cruelly mean-spirited towards the Latino community.


This kind of political theater is destroying any chance of people working together in order to solve problems. Gov. Brewer’s obvious hate and racist agenda is bringing down everyone that lives in Arizona. She is unyielding with her gestapo tactics and doesn’t deserve the title of Governor, or any other leadership position.

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