Greedy CEO’s Push For Austerity Measures

If you’ve been asking the question, when will the greed stop? The answer is never. The greed continues with some of the top CEO’s requesting austerity measures for domestic spending and entitlements. They want to starkly cut back safety-net programs that severely impact the poor and the elderly, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

The CEO’s belong to the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget, which is a campaign that will spend millions of dollars in the next few months lobbying for deficit reduction. They represent companies that have received trillions of dollars in bailouts, war contracts and subsidies, while virtually eliminating their tax bills with loopholes and special tax breaks.

Their next mission is to lobby their way into a “territorial tax system” which would exempt their companies from paying taxes that come from foreign profits. The leading advocates of these cruel austerity measures being levied on the middle class and the poor is Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and David Cote of Honeywell. In their world the richest deserve to get all the advantages while the rest of America has to sacrifice.

This greedy bunch of CEO’s cares about the 1% making all the money and getting all the breaks. They first went after Obama Care when they sensed that their companies would have to pay a few dollars so their employees could get Healthcare. Next they backed Mitt Romney who promised the richest Americans another devastating tax cut. Now they are pushing hard to restrict entitlements and get rid of domestic programs that help the poor, so they can continue to live “high on the hog” and face no responsibility for the financial collapse and the doom they helped cause. Their greed must end now.

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