Health Care Freedom Act Has Passed in Louisiana Senate

The state of Louisiana is the first democratic controlled legislature that will oppose the individual mandate of purchasing health insurance, which is the staple of President Obama’s agenda for new health reform. The bill passed with strong support from both parties and is headed to Governor Jindal’s desk for his signature.

Louisiana is sending a clear message that is directed towards President Obama and Congress that there is a lot of support in opposing the new health care bill. This is one of many bills, from different states, that are sure to oppose the individual mandate from the Federal Government.

A health care act the promotes freedom of choice is being enacted in a statute form by Idaho, Georgia, Arizona and Virginia legislatures. Other constitutional amendments will be appearing on ballots in Florida, Arizona, Missouri and Oklahoma. Active citizen initiatives are also starting in Michigan, Mississippi and Colorado.

The final decision will be up to the Supreme Court which the normal procedure, but that could take as long as a year and a half. It could help if a lot of states are passing bills that will oppose the Governments mandate. The people have a voice but it must be heard by all lawmakers. The bill does not go into full effect until 2014. More and more outrage over Obama care is heading to State Senates and house of representatives. There is only one place that this will be decided and that is in the Supreme Court.

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