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Obesity Surgeries Control Diabetes – But With Risks


Bypass surgeries are working so much better for obese patients at reducing diabetes than the traditional methods of medication and healthier lifestyle changes. In some cases surgery has even reversed the effects of diabetes, although serious complications are still a possibility and need to be considered. A yearlong study was just completed and indicated that [...]

Legal Marijuana Markets are Pushing for Health and Safety Standards


Marijuana use in Colorado and Washington may become the norm for adults, but when it reaches that point, regulators are going to have to step in and put some safety standards on the books. They are still months away from legal sales of the drug and officials are having a tough time figuring out how [...]

Doctors In Boston Are Heroes To Many Bombing Victims


Marathon bombing victims were sent to a few different hospitals around the Boston area and many of them are extremely grateful for the expert medical service they received as they try to move on with their lives. It was a horrific event that killed 3 people and wounded over 170 more, including 11 amputations so [...]

Robotic Surgery Is The Future Of Medicine


Robot surgery is expanding its operation in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Although at this point it is still costlier than using a doctor, robot surgery is starting to branch out into many more categories. Robotic surgery is done by a multi-armed robot that is called Da Vinci, which used to only concentrate on small incision [...]

Oklahoma Dentist’s Office Exposes Thousands To HIV and Hepatitis


Around 7,000 patients who visited a dentist’s office in suburban Tulsa, Oklahoma may have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis, according to health investigators. The dentist office of W. Scott Harrington had heath inspectors speechless at what they had found on the premises. Because of the neglect found at the doctor’s office, free HIV and [...]

American Academy of Pediatrics Supports Same-Sex Marriage

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As the polls continue to shift in favor of same-sex marriage, the movement just got a major boost from the nation’s most influential pediatric group. The American Academy of Pediatrics now have a new policy based on research that says parents sexual orientation has zero effect on the development of a child. When there is [...]

Compounding Pharmacies Causing Deaths With No Regulation


There was a big story this weekend about the incompetence and blatant misconduct of a pharmacy company called NECC, which is the New England Compounding Center, located in Framingham Massachusetts. The pharmacy cut numerous corners from their usual standards in the clean room to keep up with demand of the drug methylprednisolone acetate, which is [...]

Mediterranean Diet Recommended By Doctors and Nutritionists

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The newest health fad that is sweeping the land is the Mediterranean Diet, which is being lauded by nutritionists as well as by doctors for its effective ways of lowing heart disease and strokes. Experts say that over 30% of deaths and ailments associated with heart disease can be prevented with this popular diet. It [...]

“Africa Mercy” is the New Ship of Dreams


There is hope for millions of Africans that have never experienced Health Care or have had a check-up in the past. There are numerous diseases and tumors found in Africa that most people have never heard of. Only now the suffering can be cured by a floating hospital known as the “Africa Mercy.” This ship, [...]

Does Chris Christie’s Weight affect His Political Future?


Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has heard all the fat jokes over the years and will even join in to poke fun at himself, but his future political ambitions may be hindered if he doesn’t start getting serious about conquering his obesity. Doctors are concerned about a Chris Christie run for President that is [...]

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