Jobs Report Looks Good For Obama

Washington was in a frenzy on Friday concerning an improving jobs reports, but the Republicans and Democrats are at it again blaming each other as usual for the lack of improvement in the economy.

117,000 jobs were added by employers during the month of July, which is more than twice the amount of jobs that were added in June. The unemployment rate still hovers around 9.1%. With each negative month of high unemployment, the stakes are getting higher for the President’s re-election bid.

A good spurt in hiring is bound to take some pressure off President Obama, who had a very tough week trying to get a deal done working with Republicans on the disastrous debt ceiling debate.

A CNN poll has the President’s approval rating at 45%. His support with liberals is at 71%, which is an all-time low with more than 50% of Democrats saying that the President gave in way too much during the debt ceiling agreement.

Austin Goolsbee, who is the chief economist for the White House, says that the positive jobs report is very welcome, but Washington still needs to produce a lot more.

Harry Reid, who is the Senate Majority Leader, blasted Republicans in a released statement, saying that they are hijacking jobs bills on purpose to make the economy worse for Obama.

The President and many other Democrats are fed up with the GOP obstructing every positive move in order to help the economy and add jobs. The ideological agenda of the Tea Party is driving a bigger wedge between both parties.

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