Joe Biden Destroys Paul Ryan During VP Debate

Vice President Joe Biden took Congressman Paul Ryan out to the woodshed during their 90 minute debate last night in Danville, Kentucky. The VP went on the attack from the start and continued all during the debate while disputing Rep. Ryan’s false claims and out-right lies.

Joe Biden jumped all over Mitt Romney for his divisive comments about 47% of the people being dependent on government and not caring about them. He also criticized Paul Ryan for saying that 30% of the country is dependent and they are “takers.” He blasted both of them for their talking down to the American people while protecting the very wealthy.

The GOP spent the night dissecting Joe Biden’s remarks about Libya and complaining about his laughing at Paul Ryan for his lies and distortions. In other words they were admitting that Joe Biden dominated the Congressman in the debate. The Republican pundits tried to spin their way out of defeat, but they failed miserably.

When it comes to Medicare and Social Security, Joe Biden made it very clear that the GOP wants to install a voucher system for Medicare and they plan to privatize Social Security. Seniors will end up paying over $6,000 more per year for adequate coverage.

All through the night Vice President Biden smacked Congressman Ryan around like a rag doll. He bullied the VP nominee on every issue and let his experience speak for itself. This is the same argument of privatization verses government helping those who need it. The GOP way is everyone for themselves, while the Democrats believe we are all in this together.

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