Joe Biden Re-Energizes President Obama’s Campaign

Vice President Joe Biden was all over Paul Ryan like a cheap suit in their 90 minute debate Thursday night. Not only did he stop the bleeding of the Obama campaign he revved up the Democrats in a much needed boost. The enthusiasm gap has been shortened between Democrats and the GOP because Joe Biden took apart their message and their vision for America.

President Obama needs to learn exactly what Vice President Biden did to the entire GOP theory. He destroyed it while showing a big difference in the two parties approach. He went after Medicare and Social Security while making Paul Ryan admit that Republicans want Medicare to move to a voucher system while letting Social Security become privatized.

President Obama does have to point out the same differences that Joe Biden did, but he needs to borrow the VP’s most enduring quality, his passion. The President has to get fired up and take back control of this election and his message. If he really wants another 4 years, than he will have to fight for it. He has to take the gloves off and tell Gov. Romney to his face what a flip-flopper he is and how many times he has changed his position on every major issue.

President Obama doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. All he needs to do is summon his inner Joe Biden and go on the attack. The Democrats are on the right side of every issue, so now they have to fight for it. They must continue to let everyone know that they are the ones that have always looked out for the middle class.

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