Karl Rove: The Architect of Failure

When it rains, it pours and right now it is thundering and lightning all around the head of Karl Rove. Every conservative in the galaxy is in line to take a shot at the architect for leading the Republican Party down the destructive path of defeat and humiliation. This failure cost contributors hundreds of millions of dollars and has nothing to show for it.

A lot of billionaires are searching for answers after donating and unheard of amount of money to Crossroads GPS, which is ran by Karl Rove. Donald Trump wasted no time in blaming the architect when he tweeted,” Congrats to Karl Rove on blowing $400 million this cycle. Every race Crossroads GPS ran ads in, the Republicans lost. What a waste of money.”

Even Todd Akin’s key adviser, Rick Tyler, blamed Rove for the disaster by saying “they lost every race. It was a colossal failure.” Karl Rove has been a hired gun for the GOP for many years, dating back to his controversial work with Don Segretti and Joe Abate, who were responsible for the famous Rat-Tricks, where they stuffed ballot boxes, spread false rumors and politically destroyed numerous Democratic candidates. Apparently Karl Rove has run out of tricks.

Fox News has even stopped supporting the disgraced Rove. There is nowhere else for him to hide from his critics, which are too plentiful to count. His latest excuse was that President Obama suppressed the vote by demonizing Mitt Romney, so that many people would just not vote. So he wanted the President to not even campaign for Re-election. That is the all-time greatest reach in history.

The panic has taken over the conservative world. People have been looking for answers, even though they are right under their noses. They either have to open up their arms and except other cultures, or their power will continue to dwindle. Karl Rove proved that money can’t buy you everything. It’s time for a change.

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