Leading Democrats Blast GOP’s Darrell Issa For Disclosing Sensitive Libya Info

Darrell Issa, the Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has once again put lives in danger with his release of extremely sensitive information of Libyan nationals, living in the United States, putting them in a dangerous situation. Rep. Issa has proven again that his performance as Chairman is a clown show that is strictly political and has no credibility.

Sen. John Kerry, the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, was the first to rip Darrell Issa for his blatant treasonous activities. He called the release of the information “a moment of real incompetence and irresponsibility.” Sen. Kerry’s committee is also one of several that are investigating the attacks in Benghazi. He went on to say that “the House committee seems to be adopting a very different set of investigative techniques.” While Senator Kerry was blasting Darrell Issa for being “irresponsible and inexcusable,” he reminded people that” it’s bad enough that It’s becoming a political sideshow presumably driven by the calendar of Monday’s upcoming Presidential debate, but even worse is that in their rush to make news they’ve exposed Libyans who were working side by side with America.”

Next it was Sen. Dick Durbin’s turn to attack Rep. Issa for his political motives. He said, “this idea of Chairman Issa, that he’s going to dump the names, in public, of Libyans who are risking their lives to support America and keep us safe, in an effort to get a political toe-hold in this election, is unconscionable,” and is also “unacceptable.”

Darrell Issa, who has a very dishonest past, is using every political move he can to gain an edge, even if that put American lives, or our friend’s lives, in danger. He must be stopped for his treasonous acts before he gets someone killed. Why is he the Chairman of any committee?

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