McCain Blasts Tea Party

John McCain blasted many of his fellow Republicans from the Senate floor on Wednesday, just after Speaker Boehner told his caucus to get their ass in line. Sen. McCain showed his frustration with the new Tea Party members that have done nothing to contribute since joining Congress.

McCain referred to the balanced budget amendment as foolish, because it has no chance of passing before the debt limit deadline. At one point he quoted a line from the Wall Street Journal that called the Tea Party “hobbits’, referring to people that inhabit middle earth.

McCain, who was the GOP presidential nominee, blasted an idea by Michele Bachman by calling it “bizarre”, although he did not mention her name directly. He was fired up about the competing plans from both sides of the isle, to reduce the debt.

McCain also scolded the Democrats and said Harry Reid’s plan was all smoke and mirrors. He blamed the President for being too partisan in his speeches and claimed that he was not leading from the front and had no specific plan.

Sen. McCain ‘s main target was the Tea Party that he called foolish because of their demands. He continued to rant about the bizarre behavior of the freshman in Congress. The Senator from Arizona was stunned at his caucus for being so naïve in thinking that they could pass the two bills, that were presented by his party, before the August 2nd deadline.

The GOP is perceived as being non negotiable when it comes to anything and a lot of people from both sides of the isle are extremely frustrated with the outcome.

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