Michigan Ground Zero For Union Fight

It was only a matter of time before the GOP’s attack on unions came to the blue collar state of Michigan. The all-out assault on worker’s rights and their ability to bargain for a decent wage has been sweeping the Midwest. It began in Wisconsin and Ohio where the people have fought back against “Union Busting” while the GOP’s blatant war on middle class workers in America heads to Michigan, the heart of union country.

Republicans have been attacking unions and their service to hard working Americans for years. They have been on the side of CEO’s and management while demonizing worker’s rights across the country. While continuing to oppose minimum wage requirements and decent working conditions, Republicans continue fighting against equal pay for women and cry foul on every regulation that stops companies from making their own rules.

President Obama is in Michigan taking his tax plan to the people, who have overwhelmingly supported his balanced approach to cutting debt and raising revenues. He has been battling Republicans who continue to show unwavering support for the wealthiest 2%. Right now the President has another fight on his hand. Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan has stealthily moved into the Capital building in Lansing and tried to destroy years of hard work by the unions and their representatives to acquire a living wage and provide decent working conditions.

Republicans in Michigan, who have control in both Houses, have passed the right-to-work bill that strips all workers’ rights to fight and bargain for their own wages and benefits. The people of Michigan were blind-sided by this betrayal to the hard working everyday blue collar worker, who now feels powerless against the union busting efforts of the GOP, which is funded by the Koch Brothers.

This all-out assault on workers right’s and their ability to bargain has to be stopped in its tracks. The GOP continues their Class Warfare, which started with teachers, firefighters and policemen. The hypocrisy from Republicans is despicable when they honor our heroes, while stabbing them in the back. The Democrats must go on the attack to stop this vicious assault on working people in America.

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