Mitt Romney Insults Hispanics Wearing Bronzer

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has insulted a Hispanic audience again in Florida during a forum hosted by Univision. Not only was his face a lot darker from skin bronzer, he referred young Latinos covered under the DREAM Act as “Illegal Aliens.” How could a single candidate offend so many people during a campaign?

Gov. Romney just got through insulting almost half of the people of the United States, when he said that 47% would never vote for him “because they’re victims”, “they pay no taxes”, “don’t care for their lives” and felt entitled to health care, to food, to homes. Most of the citizens he insulted with those remarks are voting for him, which include the elderly on social security, that they paid into, and our military that’s fighting for our freedom as we speak.

Mitt Romney tried to change his tune while addressing Hispanics at the Univision Forum. He said about immigration “that we should put in place a permanent solution”, which is in direct contrast to his position during the Republican debates. He offered no amnesty to young DREAMERS and recommended that they would self-deport. That means he believes in deporting over 12 million Latinos in the U.S.

So far Mitt Romney has managed to insult Latinos, women, gays, senior citizens, our military and the rest of the 47% that he has disdain for. On the other hand he would definitely represent the richest 2% of Americans with distinction. The rest of the people have to fight against this kind of class warfare taking place in the GOP.

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