Mitt Romney: Out of Touch With Middle Class America

Every time Mitt Romney talks about the middle class, it is obvious that he has no clue how most people get by their day to day struggles in the United States. Gov. Romney now says he wants to cut taxes on middle income earners. When asked what that amount was by George Stephanopoulos, he said between $200,000 and $250,000.

The average middle income for families is around $50,000, which is 5 times less than Mitt Romney thinks it is. This is a trend for someone who has had it very easy in life since he was born. He had advantages that 99% of the people could only dream of.

It’s not his fault that he has no perception how tough it is out in the real world. He grew up rich, went to all private schools and Ivy League universities. His dad provided him with connections that made him even richer than one could imagine. So he really wouldn’t understand what middle class America is all about.

During the GOP Presidential debates he said that he didn’t make very much money while doing speaking engagements. For most folks, $362,000 is a lot of money. While arguing against student loans, he told perspective students to borrow money from their parents. His remarks continue to remind voters just how out of touch he is with regular Americans.

Mitt Romney has a lot to be proud of. He has been very successful. He has a great family, faith in God, and contributes a lot of money to charities. The only drawback from that life is that he cannot relate to the ordinary person trying to make a living after being hit with an incredibly tough recession. He just doesn’t understand the struggles of everyday Americans.

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