Mitt Romney Recommends Emergency Rooms For Those Uninsured

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has some great advice for Americans that aren’t lucky enough to have health insurance. He says “we pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care.” So people can spend the rest of their lives paying off medical bills that they can’t afford. This is another flip-flop from one of the most disingenuous candidates ever to run for high office.

Back in 2007, in an interview with Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney said the fact that people without insurance were able to get “free care” in emergency rooms was “a form of socialism”. On 60 Minutes last night, he claimed that “if someone has a heart attack, they don’t sit in their apartment and die”. He suggests that ER’s are a great tool for these uninsured. There has never been such a callous response to a health care problem that affects millions.

His attacks on Obama Care, which was his idea in the first place, are starting to turn voters against his “everyone for themselves” attitude. Paul Ryan was booed out of the room, calling for the repeal of Obama Care, during an AARP speech in New Orleans. Senior citizens are starting to see through the hypocrisy and dirty tricks of the GOP.

If he is to have any chance at all in November, Mitt Romney has got to stick to one side of every issue and not go back on his vision, just to suit the audience at the time. He continues to represent 5 sides of every issue. He has more stances than a black belt in karate. People only want to know one thing, the truth.

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