Mitt Romney Shows Disdain for 47% of Americans

Mitt Romney’s campaign is imploding right before our eyes. A video released yesterday says it all about the man who is trying to become President of the United States. He claims that 47% of the country “believes that they are victims, who are dependent on government, and believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.” He claims those 47% who don’t pay taxes, will be voting for President Obama. He states that “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

The GOP Presidential nominee just showed utter disdain for half of America. Not only is he totally insensitive to hard working middle class Americans, he just insulted most of his own voters. More than half of that group votes Republican. They contain a huge majority of senior citizens, a lot of our military and hard-working people all over the country.

Most of those 47% are on Medicare and Social Security, which are programs they paid into their whole working lives. Mitt Romney thinks you’re a stain on society if you don’t make hundreds of millions of dollars, like he does. How can you possibly lead America if you won’t represent half of the country? The sick mind of an elitist has shown his true colors.

After insulting hard working people all over this land, Mitt Romney couldn’t even find it in himself to apologize. He claims that people are worthless if they don’t make millions of dollars and receive help from programs they have earned over the years. You cannot lead people that you look down on.

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