Mitt Romney Tries To Erase Foreign Policy Blunders With VMI Speech

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has brought back the neoconservative tough talk to remind people of the foreign policy disasters that we have been missing. With almost all of the Bush foreign policy wizards now working on the Romney campaign, Americans can look forward to a Romney administration that promises more wars and much more Defense spending.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney will be proud of Mitt Romney’s speech because he plans to go back to the worst foreign policy in history that has America shoot first and figure things out later. Donald Rumsfeld, the former disgraced Secretary of Defense, has already commended the speech saying, “he knows America’s role in the world should be as a leader not a spectator.”

Mitt Romney continues his chest-thumping that will hopefully make people forget his numerous foreign policy blunders over the past few months. He made many mistakes during his first overseas trip where he insulted our closest allies at the Olympics and frustrated Israel with his remarks over the Palestinians.

Nothing will make up for his knee-jerk reaction to the attacks in the Middle East. He jumped the gun in criticizing the administration before he had all the facts and looked like a child for using politics to score some points, while coming off like a man who cannot be trusted to do the right thing when there’s a crisis in the middle of the night.

Mitt Romney continues his childish ways of trying anything he can to try to diminish the office of President of The United States, while undermining our armed forces every step of the way. How could a draft-dodger ever be in charge of our Military?

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