Mitt Romney upset Over Washington Post “Outsourcing Pioneer” Article

Mitt Romney’s campaign is furious over allegations by the Washington Post that Bain Capital invested in numerous firms that were experts in relocating American jobs to low-wage countries such as India and China. They claim that Bain Capital owned many companies that were ”Outsourcing Pioneers” in the art of shipping jobs from the U.S. to overseas factories in order to make computer components and provide call centers.


Gov. Romney has pledged to the American people for months that he is going to protect American Employment by going after China. He is now being hammered as a hypocrite for making a vast fortune while exporting American jobs overseas. He has touted his business experience as his resume for creating thousands of jobs. A lot of companies were also destroyed from the Bain model of business.


The President is trying to convince voters that we don’t need an “Outsourcer-In-Chief” occupying the White House. The Vice-President also hammered the Republican nominee by congratulating him on creating thousands of jobs in Singapore, India and China.


Mitt Romney has made millions from his time running Bain Capital, an accomplishment that many admire. But when he claims that experience makes him an expert on creating American jobs, many people doubt the sincerity of that claim when you take into account the number of businesses Bain Capital destroyed and raided for profit.


The American people will decide this election and who is the best candidate to improve the economy. Does Mitt Romney have the proper experience to create jobs in the U.S. or does he just know how to make money.

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