Mitt Romney’s Debate Lies Keep Growing

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been doing a lot more than stretching the truth, he’s been lying about his jobs bill, women in the work place, energy and a host of other issues which have changed since the end of the Republican primary season. He almost told a lie a minute in Tuesday night’s debate.

Let’s start with his claims about job creation. He says that his administration will create 12 million jobs in his first four years in office. That claim has already received 4 Pinocchio’s from the Washington Post and their diligent fact-checkers. He energy job numbers are off by 2 million not to mention his fuzzy math from the bush tax cuts.

Once again Mitt Romney’s tax plan and his deficit claims are so far apart that you could drive a truck through it. Ed Gillespie, who runs Gov. Romney’s campaign, said his economic plan was fact checked by 6 sources. The only problem is those sources are all heavy right-leaning think tanks and 2 of them are ridiculous Republican blogs that come from Rush Limbaugh and Michele Malkin’s delusional talking points.

The list is too long to go through unless you’re trying to write the next great American novel. Mitt said he “believed very much in our renewable capabilities such as wind, solar and ethanol, which should be an important part of our energy mix.” He is actually against the renewal of the wind tax credit, which has led to thousands of U.S. jobs and over $14 billion invested.

You will have to revisit the other 10 parts of our “Romney’s Debate Lies”, this list is just too mountainous. It includes coal, middle-class tax cuts, hiring women, helping Detroit go bankrupt, Healthcare, outsourcing, foreign policy and getting tough on China. We will continue to vet this candidate, while trying to keep him honest.

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