Murdoch Broke the Law He Always Lobbied Against

Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the giant News Corp., could face charges in an American court for bribing officials overseas. News Corp. is huge conglomerate that owns Fox News, Wall street Journal, the late News of the World and the New York Post. Murdoch could have to answer for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

While executives were involved in seedy conduct violating the act, Murdoch was spending money lobbying against the law. One of the biggest bankrollers for the United States Chamber of Commerce is News corp. Why wouldn’t Murdoch try to weaken the laws that his executives were breaking. Most of Murdoch’s activities are suspect and biased with very questionable journalistic practices.

The phone hacking scandal was no surprise from a media outlet that constantly screams the loudest about lowering taxes, while actually making a lot of money from our tax dollars, instead of contributing to the United States tax system.

Justice is starting to catch up with Rupert Murdoch after many years of unfair practices and questionable business dealings. He has an agenda that has poisoned the airways for years. With all of the conservative newspapers and the heavily biased Fox News Channel, Murdoch is finally being called out on his dirty tricks.

Although this embarrassment happened over seas, there are sure to be multiple investigations here in the U.S. This could signal the end for Murdock’s huge organization. News Corp. has been operating with impunity and no regulation for a long time. Justice is right around the corner.

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