Obama Destroys Romney’s Tax Proposal

The latest polls show that President Obama is leading in Ohio by 6 points and he continues to spend a lot of time and money there. The state of Ohio has picked every President in the last half century and it will play a very pivotal role this year.


President Obama quoted the Tax Policy Center, which is nonpartisan, and estimated how many tax breaks for the middle class and poor people would have to end so that Mitt Romney’s tax cut for the richest U.S. citizens would stay revenue neutral.


Big tax cuts for the wealthy have been in effect for over 10 years in the U.S. and have almost destroyed the financial system. Not only has the government lost a ton in revenue, the so-called job creators have pocketed all the profits, most of it overseas.


In Mansfield Ohio, the President was hammering the former governor for pandering to the needs of the super-rich, which includes himself, while raising taxes on the other 95%. President Obama said he was asking the middle class to pay more, but not to pay down the deficit, and not to invest in our kid’s education, or build roads, or to put people back to work. He’s asking middle income folks to pay more so that people like him can get a tax break.


It will be a stark contrast when people line up at the poles to vote for the person that has the best plan for America. The President wants low taxes for the middle class and Mitt Romney wants lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans and hopes that the wealth will trickle down. There’s only one problem. In over 30 years, the money has never trickled down.

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