Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal Now Center of Debate

Mitt Romney is hoping that his pick for vice-president will be a game changer. It surely will be, but which way it will change is still a mystery. There can’t be any more of a stark difference in the choice voters have in which direction they want the country to head in.


Paul Ryan is the wonder boy in the GOP when it comes to budgets and fiscal plans. When he came out with his budget proposal for the House, democrats and republicans had a fierce debate over the outcome of this piece of legislation and the democrats won the argument. Mitt Romney and the GOP are doubling-down on the Ryan plan for America.


President Obama is already going after the plan as he did before. Reminding voters that it would end Medicare as we know it and hand it off to the insurance companies who will take advantage of people with existing medical conditions and give vouchers to seniors that will only provide about half of their cost. Privatizing Medicare would be a disaster for patients.


The Ryan plan claims to trim 4.4 trillion dollars from the debt. There are a few problems with the way in which he wants to go. He believes in Mitt Romney’s way of giving the wealthiest Americans a huge tax break and putting it on the backs of the middle class. The President has called his plan “social Darwinism”.


The President is also blasting Paul Ryan in Iowa for not supporting the Farm Bill that would help thousands of farmers with relief due to the worst drought in American history. Entitlements have to be dealt with, but not solely at the expense of the middle class that have already suffered enough. A balance approach is the way President Obama wants to go.

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