Paul Ryan’s Health Care Plan Has Patients Terrified

The so-called “Path To Prosperity” plan orchestrated by GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, sounds more and more everyday like “Class Warfare” because it will help those who can afford health care and punish the middle and lower class into submission. His approach of privatizing Medicare and Medicaid is so radical that Republicans are running away from it and Democrats want it on voter’s minds every second.


The Ryan plan not only turns Medicare into a voucher plan for seniors that would make it a struggle to cover the costs, but now he wants to do the same with Medicaid. Under Paul Ryan’s vision, states would take over Medicaid with “block grants” that would ration medical care to the poor and needy.


Medicaid has about 10 million more people than Medicare, and Paul Ryan would reduce federal spending in the program by $800 billion. Most of the Medicaid recipients are low-income children, single mothers, and seniors living in nursing homes that are severely disabled. With these damaging cuts to the program, service and medical treatment will suffer greatly.


The vouchers that Paul Ryan loves to talk about and lobby for are not even close to enough money needed to help the middle and lower class families that rely on decent medical care for their loved ones. Paul Ryan’s proposal will ration care to the needy and the elderly. A voucher will only provide $8,500 per year to seniors for all their medical needs. After that they have to fend for themselves. This is the same as throwing grandma over a cliff.


If states ever take over Medicare and Medicaid, as Paul Ryan wants, the poor and the elderly will pay the price while the wealthy will come out on top again. Paul Ryan’s plan of “Class Warfare” cannot be tolerated by the millions of people who deserve reliable health care.

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