Paul Ryan’s Speech Is A “Pack of Lies”

Where can we even begin? Many news sources are amazed at how many times Paul Ryan stretched the truth, deceived people, and just flat out lied. The fact-checkers are having a field day with one of the most disingenuous speeches of all time. He stopped just short of blaming President Obama for causing the “Bubonic Plaque”.

The first big lie was Medicare. Paul Ryan once again claimed that the President raided Medicare for $716 billion when he knows it’s a fact that those savings don’t come out of coverage at all. It’s a savings from insurance company fraud and Hospital’s overcharging. Paul Ryan had the exact same $716 billion savings from his Medicare bill. In fact all fact-checkers claim that President Obama has strengthened Medicare with these changes, while Paul Ryan’s plan turns Medicare into a voucher system. It gives insurance companies the power to designate care and charge seniors more money, which is why the insurance companies love Paul Ryan.

The second big lie was about, President Obama, letting a company in Paul Ryan’s hometown go out of business. He quoted President Obama saying that “our government is here to support you and this plant will be around for another hundred years”. The plant was closed in less than a year. The only problem with the statement is that Barack Obama was not President at the time. He said that while he was a candidate in February 2008.The plant closed during the Bush administration. It’s a flat out lie about Paul Ryan’s own hometown. He should know better.

A third big lie involves the Bowles-Simpson committee, which was a bipartisan effort to help balance the budget and give the President recommendations on savings. The final draft failed by three votes. He blamed President Obama for not supporting the committee while Congressman Ryan voted no on the compromise.

Paul Ryan shows too much hypocrisy to be a leader. The facts are something that people take seriously. If you’re going to run for one of the highest offices in the land, you must be accountable. To quote Clint Eastwood’s great movie Josie Wales, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”.

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