President Obama Blasts Mitt Romney Over Healthcare In Florida

Mitt Romney is getting pummeled in Florida by President Obama today over the health care issue. He is reminding senior citizens of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher plan and give all the power to the insurance companies.

President Obama claims that the insurance companies love the Romney/Ryan ticket because they will be able to make all the rules. He also stated that the voucher plan would increase Medicare costs over $124,600 by the time a 48 year-old would be able to retire and people age 55 would pay $59,500 more for the same health care coverage in 2023.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been claiming that no one over the age of 55 would be affected by the changes in their plan. This turns out to be a false statement and all seniors would be affected. By repealing ObamaCare, the Romney/Ryan plan is going to raise health care costs over $11,000 for every person 65 years or older today. Costs will also rise because of the GOP plan to cut the costs for Medicaid beneficiaries. It would hurt seniors by $2,500 every year if they are also on Medicaid. The voucher system won’t start until 2023 but the Medicaid cuts would begin immediately.

President Obama is in Florida and Joe Biden is in Ohio and they are both hammering Mitt Romney over his voucher plan that will affect seniors right away. They are going to continue their onslaught of attacks against the GOP nominee until the election. Medicare is a hot topic and helping the insurance companies like Mitt Romney wants to do is not popular with the masses.

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