President Obama Continues To Bully Republicans

The Republicans in Congress are in a position that they don’t feel very comfortable in. They are being bullied by President Obama at every turn as they cry foul and whimper towards every proposal. The GOP only knows how to do the bullying themselves. When someone stands up to them they panic, while looking inward towards the “Republican Brand,” which has lost its identity and credibility. They are on the losing side of a losing argument and they know it.

The President has the GOP in his sights and is increasing the pressure every day. He has a mandate by the people who believed in his message and the balanced approach that he won re-election with. Over 70% of Americans agree with letting the “Bush Tax Cuts” expire for the wealthiest 2%. The GOP continues to retreat while criticizing the President’s “Fiscal Cliff” proposals.

President Obama has been hammering Speaker Boehner for not having a vote on extending the “Bush Tax Cuts” for the middle class, which has already passed in the Senate. The Speaker has continually criticized the President for his budget proposals without offering any from Republicans. As President Obama has already said, “I won’t negotiate with myself.” The GOP members in Congress must come up with their own set of spending cuts.

The Republicans are bruised and bloodied while coming off a drubbing in the polls on November 6. They were rejected by the voters and now they have to compromise with the President, which is something they haven’t done in 4 years. The GOP has to acknowledge the President’s mandate from the people and do their job for the good of the economy. It’s time for “The Party of No” to finally say yes.

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